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Please do not change the Black type. We request that all members read and respond with their thoughts concerning this document and any suggested changes. Please post them on this page following this sentence so they appear in blue type. Also please post your name with the comment so we can ask questions or verify information for discussion on this page. Voting members please comment if you dissapprove the funds to come from the CoOp bank accound for the filling expense of this document.


 Looks good to me. Elisa Duesling

The reason for the formation as an Llc. is because the CoOp is growing, it would serve us well to be protected and formal organization would be a clear sign of intent which is believed to make it easier for us to operate CoOperatively.




Localvore Colorado CoOp, LLC

A Colorado Limited Liability Company


The undersigned, a natural person eighteen years of age or older, intending to organize a limited liability company under Colorado Revised Statutes, delivers these Articles of Organization to the Colorado Secretary of State for filing, and states as follows:




The name of the limited liability company is Localvore Colorado CoOp, LLC.





The limited liability company is organized for any lawful business and subject to any provisions governing or regulating the limited liability company within the state of Colorado.


The limited liability company can sue and be sued; complain, defend and participate in administrative or other proceedings in its name.  It may purchase, take, receive, lease or otherwise acquire, own, hold, improve, use and otherwise deal in and with real or personal property, or an interest in it, wherever situated.  The limited liability company can sell, convey, assign, encumber, mortgage, pledge, lease, exchange, transfer, and otherwise dispose of all or any part of its property’s assets.  It can lend money to and otherwise assists its members and employees.



DURATION  The duration of the limited liability company shall perpetual.





 The company will be managed initially by it members whose business address may, but need not be, the same as the company’s principal place of business.  The initial members managing currently which will carry over to the limited liability company are:

Donna La Chey, 17245 Milne Road, Colorado Springs, CO  80928

James R. LaChey 10720 REA Road   17245 Milne Rd., Colorado Springs, CO  80928

Bonnie Nelson,   521 North Main Street, Fountain, CO  80817

Robert Followwell ,      Cabalero, Colorado Springs, CO 

Bret Nelson     205 S. Fountain Street, Fountain, CO  80817

Lisa Duesling, 19905 El Valle View, Fountain, CO  80817





 The initial capital contributions of the members may be comprised of cash, property, or services rendered, or a promissory note or other obligation to contribute cash or property or to perform services.  Additional capital contributions may be received in such amounts and at such times as may be determined by the members.  



Voting members are intial members, or those added by majority vote of the voting members.

The limited liability company may have one or more officers or other agents with such titles, rights, duties and authority as the limited liability company may determine.  An officer or agent may be designated or removed, and their titles, rights duties and authority may be established, by the consent of a majority of the voting members.

Officers and or agents may be given authority to do any act that is not in the ordinary course of the business of the limited liability company only with the consent of majority of the voting members. 

Officers will be appointed by the Board by majority vote.

Members can be removed by Majority vote of the voting members with no explaination required.

These Articles can only be changed by Majority vote of the Voting Members.





 Except as provided herein or in the Operating Agreement adopted by the voting members, a member’s interest in the company may not be transferred to any third party. 




 The principal place of business of the limited liability company is:  205 S. Fountain Street, Fountain, Colorado 80817





 The name and the business address of the registered agent for service of process on the limited liability company is:


Donna J. LaChey 17245 Milne Rd. Colorado Springs, CO  80928




The name and mailing address of the organizer is:


Donna J. LaChey 17245 Milne Rd., Colorado Springs, CO  80928






The name and mailing address of the individual who has caused this document to be delivered for filing and to whom the Secretary of State may deliver notice if filing of this document is refused is:   Donna La Chey, 17245 Milne Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80928