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Local Individual Variable Event - we will particpate with the Southern Colorado Sustainability Expo


See you at the Expo


Localvore Colorado CoOp Tentative Presentation/Demonstration Schedule

2016 Southern Colorado Sustainability and Outdoor Expo


Friday, 1-7


1:30        Let’s make beer! – starting the wort

3:00        Grains for brewing

3:30        Let’s make beer! – 50 shilling

4:00        Let’s make beer! - Cooking the wort

                Let’s make beer! - 25 shilling

5:30        Let’s make beer! - Cooking the wort

                Let’s make beer! - Setting up the carboy

6:30        Let’s make beer! - Setting up the carboy


Saturday, 9-6    


9:30        Milking a goat

11:00     Make your own Goat milk curds, kefir or yogurt

11:30     Housing and care of Dairy Goats

12:00     Basics of Bee Keeping

12:30    Make lip balm using bees wax

1:00        Let’s make beer! - Filtering Beer

1:30        Basics of Permaculture Gardening

2:30        Methods of Food Preservation

3:00        Room temperature Fermentations – Vegetables

3:30        Make your Jar of Pickles

4:30        Gardening to meet your dietary needs

5:00        Starting a Community CoOperative


Sunday, 11-4


11:30     Chicken housing and Care

12:00     Egg care

12:30     Egg marketing

1:00        Making Infusions, decoctions, and extracts.

1:30       Let’s make beer! - Bottling beer

2:00        Grains and Pseudograins

3:00        Milling of grains

3:30       Make a tortilla








BISCUITS CAFE (I-25 at exit 128 at the Tomahak Truck Stop)