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 The Colorado Localvore CoOp aims to market locally produced products and encourage healthy choices.





The Fountain Farmer's Market is starting up on Tuesday May 29th!!!

Go to Fountain Farmer's Market page for details



The CoOp will be sponsoring activities and contests at Hanover Days June 9 & 10 at the Kirk Hannah Park near Hanover Road and Peyton Highway.  Come and join us for:

Hanover Days Event Ribbons Sponsored by Katie Widau - Farmer's Insurance

Creative Arts

Judge - Bonnie Nelson

Saturday 10 AM

  1. Baked (recipe including ingredients, cooking method and time must be included. Baked entries become the property of the event and may be sold with proceeds going to event expenses) - Localvore Colorado CoOp
  2. Canned (canned entries must be labeled with processing method, time, temperature, altitude, and pounds of pressure. Consult USDA guidelines) Localvore Colorado CoOp
  3. Dehydrated (1/4 cup, recipe including ingredients, cooking method and time.) Localvore Colorado CoOP
  4. Naturally fermented (Must include recipe, ingredients, cooking method and time.) Hillbilly Farms
  5. Miscellaneous – Buckley Homestead Supply
  6. Needlework – 4D Farm Stand
  7. Arts and Crafts – Lisa’s Creations
  8. Floriculture – Sue’s Floral
  9. Horticulture - Midway Hanover Permaculture Club
  10. Hanover Heritage – Acheivement Gallery, Lori and Bill Brazil

Hanover Hussie/Hussler - Duesling & Sons

Commissioner's Award - County Commissioner Longinos Gonzalez

$1.00 per item entry fee

Goat Milking to Butter Contest

Sunday 8 AM

Jim La Chey

$1.00 entry fee


 Poultry Clinic and American Poultry Association Show

Colorado Poultry Clinic

Sponsor for Youth Awards - State Senate Candidate Dennis Hisey

Sunday 10 AM

$1.00 per bird entry fee


Stick Horse Show & Race

Judge - Nichole Tolle

Sunday 1 pm

$1.00 per entry for Show

$1.00 per entry Race

$1.00 Rent a stick Horse at the event

Stick horses for sale or kits to make your horse at the event ($5.00) Kits available in advance at the 4D Farm Stand in Midway


Hoola Hoop Contest

Sponsored by Katie Widau - Farmer's Insurance

Saturday 1 pm



Contact Donna La Chey for more information 719-205-8574 or donnajlachey@hotmail.com







Some members are selling items at the 4D Farm Stand in Midway which Lisa has. It is open Tuesday - Saturday.  

Localvore Colorado CoOp Tentative Presentation/Demonstration Schedule


Providing a way for Fountain residents to stock up for the Winter months with storable food products grown and sold by local farmers as well as ideas  and  needed supplies and books

Food Storage Demonstrations

Food Safety and Educational Materials

Kids Activities

Shop for potatoes, onions, garlic, root crops, winter squash, beans, cornmeal, meat, honey, cheese, herbs, jams, jellies, pickles, extracts and more

Sharing tips on food storage, alternatives in root cellaring at home, drying, fermenting, making extracts and more

Homemade Soup and Handmade Bread will be available to enjoy by donation

If you are interested in being a vendor or want more information, contact Donna at  719-205-8574


 We offer a variety of products here at the Localvore Colorado CoOp. Our CoOp members sell items such as:

Egg shares or by the dozen (half dozen too!)

CSA Vegetable shares

Home canned goods

Dried herbs



Non GMO animal feed

Knitted Items


Fresh Baked Goods